DataFacet for Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Search

Managing corporate documents is more important than ever before as voluminous amounts of enterprise content is created by your employees each and every day. This enterprise content represents the totality of the written knowledge of a company and must be organized so the knowledge is not lost.

Previously, there were two major challenges to tagging enterprise documents with the correct metadata so they could be found again. First, most companies lack a well-structured vocabulary of enterprise terminology for tagging the documents. Second, employees who create the documents are not diligent about adding meta-data to the documents they create.

The DataFacet solution solves both of these problems by providing a combination of a pre-built taxonomy library, taxonomy management, and auto-tagging of documents that can be integrated into any search engine or content management environment.

DataFacet is available for:

DataFacet Foundation Taxonomies

Creating a taxonomy from scratch can take months and is an expensive endeavor. DataFacet provides a jump-start with our collection of foundation taxonomies - available for over 500 domains. Selecting an off the shelf foundation taxonomy will save you time and provide instant ROI. DataFacet taxonomies have been developed by professionals for over 15 years and include important terminology organized into an intuitive hierarchy.

DataFacet has consulting services available to customize the foundation taxonomies for the specific needs of your enterprise. The result is an extremely high-quality and well-targeted taxonomy for your business’ information assets in a fraction of the time and cost that building a taxonomy from scratch would require.

Benefits Include:

  • Leverage decades of taxonomy expertise to rapidly get your search or content management product started
  • Access a library of domains covering nearly any business topic
  • Instant ROI without reinventing the wheel

DataFacet Taxonomy Manager

Once an appropriate set of foundation taxonomies has been selected, DataFacet Taxonomy Manager allows for the ongoing customization of the taxonomy so it continues to meet the specific needs of your organization. DataFacet makes it easy to make changes to the taxonomy including adding nodes, deleting nodes, renaming nodes, and moving branches. Manage a single or multiple vocabularies with ease.

Benefits Include:

  • Easy to use with a simple, intuitive interface
  • Keeps your corporate taxonomy up to date
  • Easy to learn
DataFacet Taxonomy Manager Interface
DataFacet Taxonomy Manager Interface

DataFacet Automatic Document Tagging

DataFacet solves the problem of adding meta-data to corporate documents with its leading auto-classification technology. Documents are automatically tagged with meta-data from the DataFacet taxonomy server.

Benefits Include:

  • Your employees can focus on creating content, not meta-data.
  • All documents are consistently tagged
  • Easy and intuitive rules writing interface with real time document tagging feedback and content preview panes
  • Integrates into any search or content application.