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New Taxonomy Release: WAND Procurement Taxonomy 4/15/2014 The latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy library is the WAND Procurement Taxonomy, comprised of 145 categories and 124 synonyms.  Procurement is an important operational function for any organization and this taxonomy is ideal for tagging and organizing documents and content related to the procurement process. This taxonomy includes terms related to procurement process, procurement WAND Announces Launch of New Taxonomy Portal 3/11/2014 WAND Taxonomy Library Portal helps companies develop a corporate taxonomy strategy to improve in-place enterprise information management systems Denver, CO, USA --- WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies, today announced the launch of its WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.   The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides an unprecedented resource to help companies who are developing a WAND exhibiting at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas 2/25/2014 WAND will be exhibiting at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas from March 2-6. Drop by booth 1418 to see a demo of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal which is helping companies create a taxonomy strategy for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online. See you in Las Vegas! WAND Product Information Management System 2/3/2014 One mission at WAND is to make taxonomies available to our customers for organizing unstructured information.   Another important mission is to find ways to make taxonomy easier to use. With that in mind, we are announcing the release of the WAND Product Information Management System (PIM) built entirely around the leading WAND Product and Service Taxonomy. For the first time, it will be easy Introducing the WAND Retail Taxonomy 1/30/2014 The latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy library is our brand new WAND Retail Taxonomy.  The WAND Retail Taxonomy is a comprehensive taxonomy that covers physical stores, eCommerce, inventory, merchandising, retail policies, payment processing, compliance, retail services, and more.  The WAND Retail Taxonomy includes 1,359 terms and 388 synonyms. This taxonomy is ideal for not only for “ See more at the WAND Inc. Blog

Welcome to DataFacet ®. DataFacet ® provides a taxonomy based data model for your enterprise’s unstructured information along with a sophisticated, yet easy to use, set of tools for applying the data model to your content.

It’s an easy three step process:

  • Choose your foundation taxonomies from the DataFacet ® library of over 500 topic domains
  • Customize your taxonomy with DataFacet ® Taxonomy Manager
  • Tag your content with DataFacet ® Taxonomy Server

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DataFacet ® is already available for the following search and content environments:

Learn More about Taxonomy management and Pre-built taxonomies for your application.

An Example of a Taxonomy Structure

Sample of a Foundation Taxonomy

By tagging and grouping information together, you begin to see the patterns already inherent in the data allowing more rapid discovery of information.

By providing these pre-structured filters to the search results, you allow the user to quickly shape the questions they may have to reduce the result set into exactly what they are searching for.
DataFacet ® for
Enterprise Content Management and Search

Find out how DataFacet ® adds taxonomy and automated tagging support to any search or content management solution. Learn More about DataFacet ® Taxonomies, Taxonomy Manager, and Automatic Tagging Engine

DataFacet ® for
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013

DataFacet ® integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Learn how to expand the taxonomy capabilities of SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 to take control of the documents in your repository. Learn More about DataFacet ® for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint 2013

DataFacet ® for
Oracle 11g

Add taxonomy management, search results browse and filtering, and automatic document tagging to Oracle Secure Enterprise Search and Oracle Universal Content Management. Learn More about DataFacet ® for Oracle 11g